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The Failure of the Current COVID-19 Response

The death and destruction wrought by COVID-19 is falling on poor and marginalized peoples in a massively disproportionate way. Our current societal interventions have only served to increase these disparities.


Evidence has indicated that the majority of infections occur within the home, that asymptomatic individuals  easily bring the virus within the home and transfer it to a vulnerable relative, and that high viral load exposures like those created by repeated exposure to a contagious person were more dangerous. Trapping the most vulnerable in crowded, multi-generational households where any kind of distancing is impossible has lethal results.


A strategy that only seeks to keep our hospitals from being overwhelmed does nothing for those who medicine cannot save.

Why does our society allow this to happen?

Because these are the people who are always suffering, and the suffering that always exists is systematically ignored.

Our Process

The Storm

This virus is more simply understood as a storm, flood, or hurricane that is slowly hitting every population center in America.  

When the levees are breached, those of us living in the low ground will be hurt the most and can do very little to protect themselves.

The levees have already been breached in NYC, but as our governments begin to reopen our society and the floodgates of the virus, many of our most vulnerable people are still trapped in their attics waiting to drown.

Our Solution

Everyone deserves access to

high ground.

‍Many homes of our city sit empty. We are make these homes available to those that need it and provide them and their families the support they need to weather the rest of this indefinitely long “storm.” 

Despite the inherent appeal, effectiveness, and cost savings, we have not been able to find a similar project to put our efforts behind.  Therefore, we have decided to launch a pilot program to help make this novel intervention available to all and together, save as many of our people as we can before they are washed away.

What We Offer

If any of these services are something you need or appeal to you in any way, feel free to contact us with the contact form below.




Community Building

Data Distribution


Contact Us

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